About us

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Wennev is above all a singular approach of company’s organization. It’s a spirit, a way of life, a global worldwide vision for better local efficiency.

" Travel broadens the mind"

This adage from Michel de Montaigne, a famous French writer from the 16th century, perfectly illustrates how regional and international cultural exchanges are significant in order to build our intellect and develop our critical mind.

Wennev offers a similar approach towards companies and their services’ management. Of course, we see each entity in its cultural and territorial local environment, But not only. We consider that companies are integrated in the global economic sphere. This constitutes the DNA of each of our actions, at both strategic and operational levels.


Our values


Crucial to understand companies’ management and development obstacles, listening is the first step on the road to success.


within its internal teams or when working with the companie’s customers, operational and strategic solutions can only be identified through constant, open and critical dialogue. Solutions emerge  from collective intelligence.


Nowadays, SMEs must adapt themselves to the World. The performance required to let entreprises survive and develop their business over the years is linked to the capacity to adapt their organization in terms of new technologies, new management processes, understanding the culture of targeted customers and all rules that drive worldwide and regional businesses.


Worldwide competitiveness initiated by globalization forces us to maintain a high level of excellency in order to respond to high standard of customers’ requirements.


Innovation is now the essence of each company that need to sustain its development and competitiveness on global markets. Nevertheless, these innovations shall be realistic and doable in order to be able to realize tangible, practical and efficient actions.


Contaminated by the single worldview, we believe in free spirit and independence. If you can read between the lines, then you can manage to distinguish us  from your competitors.


Rarely identified, intercultural conflict could often stop negotiations. Not only customers’ relationship can be tense, but communication with internal teams could be also unproductive. Apprehending and accepting cultural differences would ease dialogue and enrich corporate strategic and operational decisions.