international Business Development

« For a German and a Finn the truth is the truth. In Japan and Britain it’s alright if it doesn’t rock the boat. In China there is no absolute truth and in Italy the truth is negotiable. »
Barbara Bold PHD Professor, Lausane, Switzerland.

Your entry strategy in international business is possible at reasonable cost. International Business Development is necessary even vital for companies’ growth. Small or medium, lots of companies wish to settle overseas, but they do not know how and where to start.

In order to respond to this demand, Wennev has developed the “Shared Executive Management” offer.

Flexible and progressive, our experienced Directors bring concrete and 100% tailored solutions to strategic and operational companies.

As a whole part of your team, let top business leaders choose your best options and build an a la carte plan for success.

Entry Strategy in International Business
in four steps

  • Market study,
  • Project Feasibility,
  • Where ? Geographic and logistics, cultural, tax and economic dimensions,
  • How ? implementation of strategic development : distributor, agent, rep. office, filial, partnership…
  • International Projects Management,
  • Implementation of operational processes and quality control,
  • Project monitoring.

Your entry strategy in international business in 4 steps


With dynamic key players in international business development to support companies, Wennev relies on highly experienced teams to solve problems encountered in many business areas.

With over 25 years living and working overseas, especially in Asia, Africa, and Indian Ocean countries, Wennev’s group of shared executives is here to successfully lead your entry strategy in international business. They will provide you with all the range of skills to drive your projects overseas, always with the same priority: the human side of things.

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