Finance Management

« Honey is one thing, honey's cost is another matter. »
Arabian proverb

Looking for the skills of a financial director without the weight of a full-time salary? Wennev offers you custom-made and shared small business financial solutions. You outsource financial skills to experienced professionals who have perfect knowledge of your business activities and can, therefore, propose short-term actions in order to ease companies’ development or economic revival.

The shared management Financial Director is an associate above all things. He knows about your challenges on a daily basis, so he can provide you immediately implementable small business financial solutions based on results and recommendations.

The Financial Director is a full company member

The shared financial executive Director collaborates daily to manage your activity:

  • He implements decisions that you make and manages your administrative, financial and accountant's teams.
  • Real coach, he trains and motivates the team and guides it in its daily and long terms tasks
  • He organizes and implements tools and processes in order to lead long terms actions.
  • He implements follow-up actions dashboard and trains teams to use it.
  • He makes reports on action points and each team member recommendation.

A proven process with results

The shared management financial Director's intervention starts with precise diagnostics with company's top management people in order to set up reaching goals.
Its involvement within your company is defined by :

  • Variable attendance beside colleagues, one or several days a month or a week
  • Providing guiding materials, thinking grids to answer company's specific issues. The objective is to make associates understand what is necessary to complete their mission
  • Putting you in contact with financial institutions for their responsiveness, competitiveness, attention, and knowledge of your business activity.
  • Seeking to finance if needed (need for working funds, loans, estates acquisition, investments).
  • Being in relation with partners in order to ensure implementation of practical decisions agreed.

Constant action within your company

The shared financial management Director's goals consists in:

  • Making company independent and ensure transition with internal teams (Managers, back-office).
  • Finding administrative and financial external professionals' supports in order to reach targeted objectives, especially for legal, marketing or financial matters.


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